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The primary and most difficult portion of a police officer’s duties is to protect themselves and the public from harm or death. This sometimes requires the use of excessive force but the degree the officer uses can always be in question. Deadly force is defined in the Rampart Independent Review as "responsible and necessary" to protect others or themselves from bodily harm (Drooyan, R, 2000). Deadly force is essentially broken down into three categories: immediate defense of life, to prevent crime where people are at risk of death or serious bodily injury and to apprehend a fleeing felon who poses a serious risk to others. An officer must exercise deadly force appropriately by always using alternatives and only resorting to such extreme measures when deemed necessary. One popular example of an unnecessary use of force was when Andrew Meyer was tasered at a Constitution Day forum where Senator John Kerry was the guest speaker. University of Florida police officers took down Meyer’s before a roomful of people after the college senior grabbed a microphone and asked Kerry a series of questions…show more content…
Taser abuse easily flourishes because many departments use tasers as a more acceptable use of force to the lower the number of incidences of deadlier force. Some departments put Tasers pretty high on their force continuum, while others place them pretty low down at the level of pepper spray (Goldman, 2007). Police departments need to emplace stricter “use of force continuums” so that incidences where tasers should not have been used do not happen anymore. The government needs to regulate tasers and use of force guidelines need be standard throughout each department in America. It is sad to say but some departments have lax use of force guidelines where a suspect who is passively resisting ends up getting

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