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Pilates ball is your very good friend if you want a nice shaped body and fine, elegant muscles. When this exercise is on her very popular, primarily because it is fun. This type of exercise not only further activates and strengthens the muscles, but also improves endurance, coordination, flexibility and makes that exercise is relaxing. Pilates ball is a great how to reduce pain in my back, and for better posture. Therefore, whenever you have a chance, replace the ball chair and sit on it. This will keep your body upright and in the right position, and you will seamlessly support the muscles in the central part of the body and the back. To experience the benefits of exercise pilates ball, we suggest a few exercises to activate the different…show more content…
Rely on the ball, extend your left leg and place the palms on the back of the head. Tighten the muscles of the whole body to maintain stability. (Figure 1). Then, lift your upper body to the left, while tightening your abdominal muscles (Figure 2). Repeat this exercise 7 times on the left and 7 times on the right side. Exercise 7th Kneel on the floor and place the lot in front of you. Place your hands in front of ball and slowly move the arm using forward to the moment when your knees come to pass the ball (Figure 1). During these exercises specifically concentrate, because of its performance necessary to maintain balance. Then, bend your back, knees pull the head, and at the same time bend your neck so that your face is as close to the knees (Figure 2). When you come to this position, begin to straighten your legs back returning to the position as shown in Figure 1. Repeat 8 times. Exercise 8th Kneel on the floor and place the ball in front of you. Rest your hands on the ball and lean body forward, so that a large part of the body weight falls on the hands (Figure 1). Then, bend the arms and pull the ball towards you, without having to move the body (Figure 2). Repeat the exercise 10

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