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Patriot Act In October 2001, after the horrible events of terrorism on our American soil, the US government passed a law. The Law’s goal was to deter and change terrorism by giving our law enforcement access to search through a variety of communication resources. The law gave the government access to telephone, email, blogging communications, as well as financial, medical, and personal documents and files. This law, or the USA Patriot Act, has helped the war against terror. Although many people argue that the USA Patriot Act is an invasion of privacy, it is really a resource in the fight against terrorism. On September 11th, 2001, the United States of America was attacked in New York City, Washington D.C and Pennsylvania by a terrorist organization. As a result of the…show more content…
I believe the government has their targets of potential threats to society. As a result, to keep the safety of our citizens, they will monitor those who are believed to be terrorist-linked. On a local level, the USA Patriot Act has helped the government break-up terror cells in New York and prosecute terrorist operatives here in New Jersey. Since the installment of the Patriot Act, we have yet to have terroristic events occur on US soil. I believe this fact shows how this act had been successful in keeping our country terror free. I feel, as long as our government is given the resources, they can protect our homeland security as they can find and prosecute potential terrorists. The purpose of the installment of the Patriot Act is to protect homeland security and use resources to find and disrupt terrorists. I feel this purpose is still active and does not violate society’s privacy. As a result of its continued success, I hope that its installment remains, and the government continues its fight against terrorism on American soil. I feel if the Patriot Act were kept intact, America will remain safe and free from terrorist
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