Essay On Outsourcing America

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Jack Johnson Johd Jackson College Composition II October 11, 2010 Outsourcing America Eliminating or reducing American companies trend towards outsourcing could lower the unemployment rate and expedite the economic recovery. Outsourcing is one of the major causes of the current economic collapse. Outsourcing takes jobs away from Americans, and without the ability to work it further reduces the disposable income that is greatly needed in order for the public to buy goods and services. These are the goods and services that will fuel the economic growth that is necessary for recovery from the current downturn in the economy. When you outsource, or offshore, jobs you also eliminate the American workers ability to pay for consumption. With the United States unemployment rate presently at 9.6%, the highest since the great depression ("Employment Situation Summary"). America cannot afford to be sending jobs, and money, to foreign…show more content…
A more polite title for outsourcing has been called “transformational outsourcing” (Moyers). Large businesses are aware that the outcome of offshoring is “harsh and deep” and “without doubt, big layoffs often accompany big outsourcing deals” (Bloomberg). Transformational outsourcing takes the interest of corporate growth and begins “making better use of skilled U.S. staff and even jobs creation in the US, not just cheap wages abroad” (Bloomberg). These jobs created in the U.S., by outsourcing, cannot possibly equal or surpass the number of jobs lost or the number of families’ impacted by the amount of individuals the inevitable layoffs will ultimately touch. The business and foreign countries are the only benefactors in offshoring, our unemployment rate and economic status provide the obvious
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