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Gambling is Good For Ohio People in Ohio like other people around the country dream that they are in Las Vegas seeing the Triple sevens, lights flashing, bells ringing, and everyone is crowding around them while money is spitting out of the slot machine. But more often than not, the bells are just the alarm sounding off starting the new work day. The people of Ohio like around the country want there chance at fame, and fortune so they travel to places such as Las Vegas, Nevada and Atlantic City, New Jersey. This is what is setting back Ohioans’ because it is losing countless dollars that can be regained from other states and more. The gambling industry would provide Ohio with a source of new jobs, a source of entertainment and would generate…show more content…
Therefore, gambling should be legalized in the state of Ohio. Since gambling brings in violence, and criminals why do thirty-eight of the fifty states have gambling? According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation the crime rates in Las Vegas were lower than many tourist cities such as Miami, Florida, Orlando, Florida, and Phoenix, Arizona (“American Gambling Association 1”). Which means gambling does not attract violence and criminals. In a study, more than 80% of Americans believe that casino gambling is acceptable to themselves, and others (Torr 112). People also try to say that casinos try to attract people with compulsive gambling disorders in order to increase there profits even more. But, that is not entirely true. The gambling industry does not want there revenues to come from people with gambling disorders (Torr 114). In March 2000 a report by the National Institute of Justice reported, “Casinos do not appear to have any general of dramatic effect on crime…” (“American Gambling Association” 1). Since, gambling does not bring in violence, and crimes that is why Ohioans should legalize

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