Essay On North American Revolution

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The revolution in North America and Latin America, which include Spanish and Portuguese America, had colonial rulers that were replace with home-grown elite. For example in North America, the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Presidents who took over the United States were all born in the U.S.A. Likewise f or Latin America, the Creoles took over Lain America after the Spanish and Portuguese left. The Creoles were home-born in the colonies, but had Spanish parents. Consequently, the three revolutions in the North and Latin America all had radical changes. Radical can be defined as departing from the usual and customary; favoring or effecting revolutionary changes. Although the changes in the Americas were all radical, the revolution in North America was more radical than the revolutions which took place against Spain and Portugal. These revolutions were less radical because they were less violent and had less drastic reforms. In North America, the revolution took a radical reform. After the English put major taxes on the colonist, the colonist fought back to eradicate the taxes put on them. An example of eradication was the Boston…show more content…
Overtime, the Creoles stated becoming powerful and quarrels took place between the peninsulares and Creoles. The Spanish Creole leaders, anticipated the imminent collapse of Spain, and decided to take an advantage of it; colonist in North America did no have this advantage. A war was started by Simon Bolivar against the royalists. In January a regiment awaiting embarkation for South America had mutinied, starting a revolt that forced Ferdinand to restore the liberal constitution of 1812 and give up plans for reconquest. Bolivar passed away and left Sucre in command of the revolution. Sucre fell to the glory of defeating the Spanish in the last major was enaged. This revolution was also radical in a violent way because fighting took place and tactics were brought
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