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Networking September 25, 2008 NEED OPPORTUNITY OR PROBLEM ANALYSIS Social/Business networking is the use of technology to allow different individuals to interact directly with other individuals or groups. Often, these individuals and groups are unknown to each other at the outset of the process, with the item under discussion being the catalyst for bringing the people together. Outputs from this kind of interaction may include a greater circle of physical contacts, a faster and/or better informed decision based upon multiple inputs to a problem, or more rapid resolution of an issue. Business networking is an extension of existing communication and collaboration technologies that have been around for some time, and which are unlikely to go away. Examples here are: face to face meetings, telephone calls, email, paper mail and instant messaging; that is, tools that we are all used to and are utilizing on a constant basis. The interaction between existing communication and collaboration tools and new business networking tools provides opportunities within the public sector that far outstrip those from using any single approach. The interest in social networking continues to grow, and new tools are appearing on a daily basis. Social Networking seems to have been a phenomenon that has swept the consumer and professional space rapidly over the past years with millions of people bogging, setting up wikis, participating in social web sites and deep interest environments. Some of the sites involved have become famous (or infamous in some cases), with much money exchanging hands with more established brands wanting to gain control of the massive user bases sometimes involved. Business networking builds on existing communication and collaboration technologies, but brings in an aspect of possibility. Whereas typical collaboration and communication systems are

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