Essay On Navy In The Civil War

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Navy and Merchant Marines Impact on the Civil War Due to unresolved issues in the ratifying of the Constitution and President Lincolns outlook on slavery in the south, the United States started a Civil War in 1861. During this time eleven southern slave states, the first being South Carolina, declared succession from the United States and formed the Confederate states of America. The twenty-five Northern States that supported the federal government were known as the “Union”, and the Southern States that did not support what the United States was trying to ratify was known as the “Confederacy”. The war grew to hold many battles, take many lives, was extremely costly, and made many changes to the United States. During every war many strategies and plans are implemented to accomplish a victory. One of the main strategies and keys to the outcome of the Civil War was the successful use of the Unions Navy. The Union had many advantage over the…show more content…
That was because the south could not transport war materials against the swift currant of the mighty Mississippi, giving the north a strong advantage. The last obstacle for the north was Vicksburg. President Lincoln and General Ulysses S Grant knew if the north could take over Vicksburg, which was the south’s last stronghold than the north would rain victory over the south. The only problem was the terrain surrounding Vicksburg was quit treacherous. Vicksburg sits on steep bluffs where the bottom of the flat Mississippi Delta and the Mississippi River meet one another, making it a great spot to ambush Union boats as they came down the river. This made it tough to get past the Confederate Army, and hindered the north’s attempt to surrounding them. At one point Grant had Union troops digging a canal to re-route the Mississippi (Vicksburg Campaign
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