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The Myall Creek Massacre Transcript We are gathered here today, for the same soul purpose. We are gathered here to commemorate and remember. We are gathered as one race, one race that will pay the highest respect and tranquillity to the fallen at Myall Creek. It was 170 years ago on the 10th of June, 1838 that twelve armed stockmen rode onto the Myall Creek property in Northern New South Wales and rounded up 28 elderly Aboriginal men, women and children of the Kamilaroi people. They forced the aborigines into the bush and slaughtered every last one; an intentional and very well planned serial assassination. When William Hobbs returned to his Myall Creek property and discovered the killings, he commenced his own investigation, interviewing…show more content…
We offer this plaque so that Aboriginal people can read it and remember. We offer this plaque so that historians can read it and remember. We offer this plaque so that school children can read it and remember. We offer this plaque so that any person, of any age, from any where, will join with us and their spirits, and remember the people, who They will leave this spot with the knowledge and understanding that was missing those 170 years ago. The plaque offers the social justice and acknowledgement of the cruel, unjust treatment of the Aboriginal people. It gives me great honour to unveil the monument that holds so much importance to the people of Australia. This day is not to be commemorated in spite of another person or race, nor is it going to clash ill feelings with one another. Today we will mark the turning point in Australia’s history when racial domination was seen to be an unwarranted power and everyone could have a say in the freedom that everyone could see in the future. If we work together, we can still create that harmonious future those people could foresee back then. I would like to thank you for joining with us today, to remember the Kamilaroi people who changed the nation. I hope a piece of this scenery will stay with your heart forever. Thank
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