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My Responsibility to America America, when you hear the name what do you think? Some may think of America as the land of opportunities others the place that is destined to fall and many more other opinions. To me I think, I know that America is the place with so much to offer, the best of the best. I mean come on why else would so much people want to move to America? I believe that as a citizen of America my responsibility is to enlighten the youth about how important education is, stick up for what is right, and having faith/bringing unity. As the people of American some of us have become lazy with the things we do, we have lost the true meaning of motivation and ambition. Whether we like it or not we are the people and the current generation…show more content…
At times I wouldn't blame them if they were to think this in any way but I am going to have to say that have a little faith in us. What we do cane either make or break America. My responsibility is to be able to demonstrate to others that it is not a bad thing to have ambition and strive for the best in whatever it is we want to pursue. Everything we want to do or be starts with education. Even though Education can be very tedious and at moments seem extremely difficult we just need to get through it, after all education is not something meant to be easy because then it is not education and we are not learning anything, the goal is to learn, comprehend as much information and apply that to the world we live in. I believe that Education is what makes the world go round; it is the heart and soul of everything we do. Education holds so much power and once you have it you are unstoppable. It may seem like too much I know for a fact I found myself not wanting to have anything to do with it at all but I know how important it is and the doors it can open for so many of us. By the time we put in all our work and effort into our education before we know it so many of us can be

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