Essay On My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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Ethnic and Cultural Influences on Marriage and Familie Culture includes many things: language, customs, religion, and history. Culture can significantly influence individuals, marriages, and families. Ethnic and cultural traditions and expectations can affect how we view men, women, children, adults, marriage, family, and so forth. Culture may influence our views about roles, responsibilities, appropriate/inappropriate behavior, communication (with those inside and outside our culture), etc. Please watch Chapter 1-7 (beginning to 35:00)Answer the following questions as they relate to the influence of Greek culture as portrayed in the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Also answer the questions about the influence of your own cultural heritage. 1. In the film,…show more content…
Tula asked her aunt if she could work for her and her aunt told her yes because she is family. Another definition of family is when Tula was going to present her future in-laws to meet her parents, her mother invited all of the family. 3. What is the place/importance of marriage and family for those of Greek heritage? Are there certain conditions or expectations regarding marriage? It is very important for a Greek women to get married and to have a family. Greek men Dominguez 2 should marry a Greek women. In the Greek Orthodox Church, if you are non-Greek Orthodox, you have to be baptized in order to marry in the Greek Orthodox Church. 4. What benefits are there for individual members of Greek families? Are there any drawbacks or negatives? There are benefits for individual members of Greek families is that Greek families are united. They help each other out. Greek families are large families. A negative part of being an individual in a Greek family is that everyone knows about your personal stuff. 5. What influence has your own culture had in how you understand the place/importance of marriage and
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