Essay On Muslim In The 21st Century

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Every society in the 21st century has to face unfortunate events that can be a threat to a nation and culture. These new challenges may affect the future development of every country, especially countries with Muslims as the majority citizens. Muslims are also expected to equip themselves with proper preparation in terms of intellectual in order to counter new and usually conflict challenges. These challenges should be taken care to avoid further rise of these problems. This essay will examines how Muslims in the 21st Century have to be prepared in facing rising of religious radicalism among its youth, Islamophobia around the world and lastly, conflicting adaptation of foreign moral value due to over dependence on technology. Religious radicalism groups among Muslims like IS are worrying everyone across the globe. Everybody in the world, especially from the west perceives Islam as a religion of terrorism and started to claim Islamic terrorism as a franchise. This is because, IS abandoned the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) that put fighting against one self’s ego as the greater jihad compared to warfare (Ahmad, 2016). IS is undermining the truth Islamic discipline in seeking knowledge…show more content…
Muslims are still facing old crisis such as poverty and illiteracy among its followers while these new challenges such as religious radicalism that is added into the other two ancient challenges are troublesome for Muslims society to deal with. IS made a lot of distortion in order to legitimize their terrorism activities that harmed everyone including Muslims worldwide. Not only the non-Muslims' lives are at stake, Muslims’ lives are at stakes too so, not every Muslim is alliance of IS. Due to IS’s misled behaviour, Muslims all around the world are usually casted out to avoid any terrorisms activities to

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