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Music Producing “There is more than six hundred jobs that people can pick for the career of music producing” (Indeed). Music producing is a career where the person that is producing has to stay relevant to succeed. The career of music producing is full of long hours and hard work. In the pursuance of becoming a music producer, knowledge of the career, places of employment, degree/training, internships, experience and college are required. Music Producing has a lot of different areas of the career. “Music Producers are responsible to overall production of commercially recorded music” (IResearchNet).The biggest years of music producing was the 1950s. Music producer are responsible for a lot of the recording. “They work closely with recording…show more content…
“The most basic level of education is attending seminars and workshops” (IResearchNet). It does not take to much of an education to do music/music producing. “The most complete level of postsecondary education is a two or four-year degree from a university” (IResearchNet). The extra training and education looks a lot better for the producer and gives them more knowledge on the career. “Take courses in music and band to learn something about instrument, voice and music theory” (IResearchNet). Getting to know music, as a whole, is one of the biggest parts that makes music producer to appreciate the music that their making. “Learn as many music genres as you can, including classical and jazz. Because music is often affected by social issues, courses in journalism, government, and history provide useful background knowledge” (IResearchNet). A huge part of music producing is being open to music, different genres, and the different people that will be working with. Any producer that is able to handle a lot of different people and music genres will be extremely successful. At this point, it is important to get the experience needed for this
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