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Monomyth in The Odyssey and When the Legends Die Did you know in every story, from Little Red Riding Hood, to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet that there is one small thing they have in common? It’s called monomyths. Keep reading on to learn about the monomyths in The Odyssey by Homer, and When the Legends Die by Hal Borland. Monomyth is the idea that all stories follow the same pattern parts: separation, struggle/initiation, return/re-integration, and gift/new power. The Odyssey by Homer, was a story that took place in Ithaca. It told the story about Odysseus and his travels trying to go back to Ithaca for ten years after fighting in Troy, the quest, to see his son, Telemachus, and his wife, Penelope, the damsel in distress. When the Legends Die by Hal Borland, told the life long journey of a young Indian boy, Thomas Blackbull, who strongly believes in the old ways, the young man from the provinces, who was born in Pagosa, but wound up traveling the country as he grew up into a rodeo star…show more content…
One of the separations in The Odyssey is how Odysseus cannot return to his family in Ithaca because Calypso was keeping him imprisoned for Poseidon because he blinded his son, the Cyclops. Another separation is Odysseus losing all of his loyalty from the people of Ithaca. The first separation in When the Legends Die is when Tom’s dad dies in the avalanche and his mother dies of illnesses. Another would be Tom being separated from the old ways, being forced to learn the new ways of life and forgetting about the old. The final separation is Tom being separated from himself, having everyone else run his life, telling him what to do and how, not giving him his own freedom. Both Odysseus and Tom have their fair share of separations from, loss of loyalty, to deaths of loved ones, but they both get passed these road blocks and life and have to face new problems so they can achieve what they are

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