Essay On Michael Cricton'S Timeline

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Timeline: Final Assessment Michael Crichton’s view on the medieval period is different than that of our understandings from first glance. Crichton compares today’s modern society to that of the medieval society, and even goes as far as saying it is superior that that of ours. Some of his portrayals are well devised and backed up in his writing of timeline, while his other theories aren’t as well developed and not entirely true. Michael suggests such themes as the greater value of knowledge, decreased amount of violence, and superior technology to that of the twentieth century. They may have made new and greater technology and advanced on such things as the mill, cannon, and quicklime, but I don’t believe that it is greater compared to those advancements made in modern times, just for example, the internet and cell phones. An invention like the mill may arguably be more useful in a world in which you’re only trying to survive with the bare minimum of shelter and food, than that of today’s more material devices. But the reason why people of today can focus on such technology as portable phones is because they have a ready supply of food, due to things such as mass production. So even though today has more advanced inventions they were only able to be made due to advancements in technology that made the necessities easily available so that people can focus on the more unnecessary inventions of technology. An example that Crichton uses in the book is the value of the mill to the monastery and when Sir Oliver requires a tax upon it, they retaliate by committing treason against Sir Oliver and aiding the forces of Sir Arnaunt . It shows that they really relied on the mill and it was important enough to risk being put to death for treason. All in all Michael Crichton is wrong because today’s technology is far more advanced and superior than that of medieval times.
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