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Michael Argyle’s communication theory Michael Argyle’s communication theory is effective because it enables you to get your message across clearly and this will help the service users to understand the message that is being sent to them without difficulty. In addition, the cycle can be repeated all the time, so even if you go wrong in the style or way of communication you can rectify yourself and start again. You can also develop your interpersonal skills by assessing each of the six stages, to make sure if you are being understood or misunderstood by the service user, this can be ended by checking whether the service user you are communicating with has decoded the message correctly, if not then you can go back to the beginning and start…show more content…
In addition, it helps to identify the objective of the group work; this means that the individual will have an aim to meet although there may arise a lot of arguments, but because they know and by understanding the behaviours in the storming stage, it can help the group to work quickly in the forming stage. This means that because the group knows there will be arguments because each individual has different ideas and opinions it will allow them to quickly conquer these differences so that they can go to the forming stage and re-establish these differences of opinions so that everyone in the group is pleased. Also once, you have established that your group is in the norming stage everyone in the group will have a particular role to take part in .The performing stage is frequently achieved by a group leader. In addition, if there is a leader in a health and social care establishment the practitioners will be constantly and continuously reminded to work together this way they will all feel that they have a purpose in their job that they do. This will also ensure that there is low staff

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