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A myth at its root level is a legend or story without any determinable basis in fact (Random House Dictionary). This is why a number of religions are quite muffled when we refer to the basis of their ideology as myth. The active beings in myths are generally gods and heroes. Myths often are said to take place before recorded history begins. To me a myth is a story or tale believed to be true it is a sacred narrative, what is meant is that a myth is believed to be true by people who attach religious or spiritual significance to it, without any physical evidence that it might be true. My nationality is Mexican; therefore in Mexico we have several myths and beliefs. One particular myth that my grandmother has always believed is, if a woman is trying to get pregnant and wishes to conceive a specific gender, she must get pregnant during a certain moon stage. For example, if a woman gets pregnant when a new moon is out, she will have a girl. If a woman gets pregnant during a full moon she will have a boy. According to some family members this has been true to them; it may have been coincidence, fate or luck.…show more content…
Often the term "myth" is being misused to mean a supposedly dead religion and its teachings along the lines of saying that Zeus is a myth and Jesus is not, when Zeus is just as real to his worshippers as Jesus is to his. It has become a way to say, your religion is less valid than mine. I guess it's the way someone looks at religion in order to say all religions are a myth. No, I don't think all religions are a myth, because one has to be the truth. I'm catholic, and I really hope mine is true religion. I believe that religions are a myth basically due to the fact that the bible has been

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