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------------------------------------------------- ClaimCheck Billing Solutions Medical Billing Services Patient Enrollment Patient enrollment is a vital part of the medical billing process. Without proper enrollment, payment for your healthcare services can be delayed or even refused by payers. To meet these challenges and to ensure the smooth functioning of your practice, ClaimCheck Billing Solutions offers outstanding patient enrollment services. Maximize your reimbursement by allowing us to handle your administrative tasks related to patient enrollment. We Ensure Prompt Claims Payment for Your Practice Patient enrollment involves the filling up of a specific form, and its submission. It will contain all the basic demographic information about a patient, which includes: * Patient name * Date of birth * Address…show more content…
We don’t charge any upfront fees. A major problem that most medical establishments encounter is the time required to follow-up with all medical AR (such as old accounts receivable collections), and also daily calls. We at ClaimCheck Billing Solutions use our qualified manpower to give you more collection calls for each claim, for each account, for each office. Accounts Receivable: Analysis ClaimCheck Billing Solutions A/R analysts handle cash collections and settle all problem issues. This would ensure that the account has a clean A/R at the time of the medical billing process. They would in addition, study claims rejected by carriers, low fees from the carriers, and clearing house rejections. Calling and compilation are other services which we incorporate into our AR collections solutions. If the patient is responsible for any payment including deductibles, we will make the necessary calls to the patient to collect the amount following

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