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DIFFERENT TWINS They came from the same origin. They were nurtured by the very same mother. They had grown talking the same language. They were different. Why those two divergent and, at the same time, similar groups of people followed the pattern of several classical dichotomies that existed in History and mythological history? Cain and Abel; Israel and Palestine; Romulo and Remo; Huascar and Atahualpa? What were the main causes that produced two sister societies, as the New England Region and the Chesapeake Region, with dissimilar idiosyncrasies in contrast with their common original characteristics. The reasons were linked to the objectives they pursued for their own lives, the decisions they chose to alleviated their ‘day-to-day” and their reactions to unexpected challenges. Their behaviors and conditions as societies marked their…show more content…
She described the experiences of her captivity occurred during the King Philippe’s War. (Lepore 127) The dichotomies mentioned at the beginning -Cain and Abel; Israel and Palestine; Romulo and Remo; Huascar and Atahualpa- did have a pattern of self destruction. New England and Chesapeake societies were different from their origins. The people that formed those new cities come from different social extraction from their original England. Those different ways to see the world were the framework they used to create solutions for their problems and answers for their questions. Were dissimilar and confrontational but were not self-destructive; many of their individual characteristics combined evolved in a new and original society in which each different twin donated the best of them. They provided the blood and flesh that built a unique and different nation. Works Cited Author’s last name, first name. Title of Book. City: Publisher,

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