Essay On Marine Pollution In The Persian Gulf

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Keeping the Ocean Free of Debris Pollution in the Persian gulf is negatively impacting marine life How much are we trashing our ocean? CNN, February 12th 2015. Arabian Gulf coral reefs dying a slow death. Gulf news, June 10th, 2014. Spill, Dolphin Deaths Spark Alarm At Persian Gulf Pollution. October 3rd, 2007. Will there be more fish or plastic in the sea in 2050? BBC news, February 15th 2016. When looking at the ocean, people generally just see water. However what they don’t see, it’s that it’s another life down there. Marine debris also known as marine pollution, is one of the biggest issues that marine life suffers today. If you ask what is marine debris, well according o a video on Ocean Today, they state that it's’ any man made object in the ocean or shore that isn’t supposed…show more content…
As people have to be hired to clean up, and people not wanting to go to dirty beaches. Cost money to people working at the beach.This problem doesn’t just occur in the Persian Gulf, it occurs world wide. A study from the university of Georgia, February 3rd 2015, claims that about 8 million metric tons of plastic trash enters the ocean every year. Pollution in the Persian gulf is negatively impacting marine life, as oils spills occur, and ocean mining is at it’s peak, but most importantly sewage dumping. Believe it or not we are all a witness of watching someone litter, or us littering. From planktons, to dolphins to birds can be affected by a simple oil spill in the ocean and especially in a close area like the Persian Gulf can cause great damage. When oil is spilled, toxins in the water spike and will shock the bodily systems of the animals living there, causing a massive amount of death and leading to endangerment. Before disaster had struck in 1991, the Persian gulf has beautiful clean beaches, filled with marine life. Beautiful clear, lushes water. Dolphins jumping out of the surface of the water, clear blue
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