Essay On Manifest Destiny

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In the 1840's America experienced Manifest Destiny in which westward expansion was very evident. Many Americans perceived Manifest Destiny as a benevolent movement, yet it was, in fact, an aggressive imperialism at the expense of others. When America decided to initiate the westward expansion the land was not owned by America. A majority of the land was owned by the British, and the Native Americans. In order to receive this land Americans needed to drive the Native Americans and the British out of the territory. This would mean that a war must be fought and many lives lost just so that the American people can own more land. The Americans forced some of the Native American tribes to relocate hundreds of miles away in a new land which was foreign to them. The journey was a very tough one and there was no promise of a good life in the new location. Many Native Americans died on this journey and some even died after they were settled in the new lands. The Oregon…show more content…
In order to travel west the American people faced many hardships and troubles. The journey to the west was very long and many people spent a good portion of their lives making the journey. Many people had to travel over the mountains during the cold winters. Food was very rare on these journey and many people died of starvation or malnutrition. Another problem was the lack of medicine; many people contracted diseases that couldn't be cured because there was nothing to cure it. Many people began to travel west with many possessions but were forced to leave them on the side of the roads because the journey would be too hard to carry them. Many of the older people and the women were killed, as well as the young people, due to the harsh conditions and ever present danger. Many Americans lost their lives just to fulfill Manifest Destiny. This was an aggressive act to push Americans west in order to conquer more
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