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Marc Ybarra October 25, 2008 English III Innocent until proven Guilty On May 3, 2007, Madeleine McCann went missing. She was with her parents and her two siblings on vacation in Portugal. Since then, she has been missing for a year and five months so far. The case has been closed for a couple months so far. The McCann’s are innocent in Madeleine’s disappearance. A lot of people think the parents are to blame for the disappearance of their daughter, however, I believe they are innocent in the disappearance in their daughter’s disappearance. Let us start with the reason why people think they are guilty. Kate and Gerry were out eating and drinking with their seven friends on the night of Madeleine’s disappearance. They agreed to leave them asleep, alone, and check on them ever thirty minutes instead of hiring a babysitter. The room they had was on the bottom floor and it was left unlocked. They thought “the resort they chose, the Ocean Club, had a reputation for being kid friendly” (Cloud 44). Would you leave your kids alone while you went off to do something really quick in a neighborhood that was supposedly kid friendly, maybe like yours. Would you leave them asleep while you went off to do something for around fifteen to thirty minutes? Remember, this is an…show more content…
Kate met Gerry McCann at college and they got married. Kate wanted to be a good parent: “being an only child, she always wanted big family, lots of children” (Hewitt, et. al.). They tried to have children, but Kate was infertile. Thanks to vital fertilization, they had Madeleine McCann on May 12, 2003. Why would Kate want to kill a child she wanted so much? Kate loved all her children. “They [Sean and Amelie] would sit on her knees and she would read them stories,” said a British expatriate that got to know them (Hewitt, et. al.). Kate and Gerry both express regret for leaving their children alone the night of Madeleine’s

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