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Flight term "low cost" or often called LCC (low cost carrier). LCC is often also referred to as Budget Airlines or no frills flight or also Discounter Carrier. LCC is unique flight model with operating cost reduction strategy. By doing cost efficiency in all lines, airlines do things out of the habit of airlines in general, if the airlines in general perform additional services that have value added by the addition of catering, provision of newspaper or magazine, in flight entertainment, in flight shop, lounge, free taxy after landing, frequent flier exclusive services, and so forth. Contrary to it, Low-cost carriers do traditional airline service elimination is the reduction in catering, minimize the reservation with the help of IT technologies so that the service can seem simple and fast. This minimizes service resulted in a decrease in cost, but the factor of safety is maintained to ensure the safety of the passengers to their destinations. LCC is redifinisi aviation business that provides affordable ticket prices and flight services minimalist. The bottom line is always principled products offered low cost to suppress and reduce operational costs so they can capture a market segment under broader. Beginning of the low-cost carrier Southwest Airlines pioneered by established Rollin…show more content…
Many financial analysts still states that the cost per available seat mile is still above the threshold standard operating cost of a Low Cost Carrier true, but despite the price structure of its own is in conformity with the concept of LCC so it might be more appropriately called the Low Far Carrier ( LFC) because it offers a low price but not yet fully support the principles of the LCC where the cost structure and productivity of the airline is still relatively

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