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LOUISIANA STATE REPORT The state I have been studying is Louisiana. It is shaped like something like one of Santa Claus’ worn out boots with the southwest coast forming the heel and toe ( all tattered and torn ) dipping in to warm and sometimes turbulent water of the gulf. Louisiana became the 18th state on April 30 , 1812. It is also called ( nicknamed ) the “ The Pelican State”. It is called the pelican state because there once were so many of these cool birds flapping and soaring around. The Brown Pelican ( state bird )- which is the largest webbed footed bird in the world- nearly died out in Louisiana due to pollution. But state conservation efforts have helped bring back pelican colonies once again. The history of Louisiana is…show more content…
Also you would see alligators (state reptile) in swamps, white flowers called Magnolias (state flower ) and honeybees ( state insect ) buzzing around everywhere. You also would see many people walking down streets, its state gemstone- agate- in caves or national parks, many people with the state dog (Catahoula dog ) as a pet, people eating the state crustacean, the crawfish and the green tree frog (state amphibian ) leaping from tree to tree. Louisiana is a great place for sportsman and women that fish or play golf. Due to the fact that Louisiana is a southern state ( Louisiana is in the south ), it gets subtropical weather- is good for the sports I mentioned ( fishing, and golf ).But Louisiana is a rainy state all the time. Although Louisiana seems small, it is actually big. Its area is 51,843 square miles. It also has a population of 4,468,976 ( as of 2000 ). Louisiana is ranked the 31st biggest state in the United States because of New Orleans ( most popular state in Louisiana ). Also, Louisiana is the ranked the 22nd most popular state in United

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