Essay On Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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Shaping Walter the Wrong Way American society has an influence on its people, but it is entirely for the people in their individual capabilities to decide to either be conformist or be the exception. In the play A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, Walter Lee is the conformist and is shaped by society through the problems that is occurring around him and his whole family. American society shapes Walter in a negative way by effecting his attitude, financial state and actions. The American society effects Walter’s attitude. Walter is telling his plans about taking the money, which Mama set aside for Beneatha’s school and to be placed in a checking account, and investing it into a liquor store. Walter says that, “… We’ll go up to…show more content…
Walter chooses to play the stereotype that Linder wants him to play as by taking the money to move out of the white neighborhood. “All right, Mr. Lindner – (He falters even more) – that’s your neighborhood out there! You got the right to keep it like you want! You got the right to have it like you want! Just write the check and – the house is yours’ (His voice almost breaks) ‘And you – you people just put the money in my hand and you won’t have to live next to this bunch of stinking [blacks]!" (III.i.144). Walter decides that he is going to play the stereotype that Karl Lindner labels him as. He figures selling out and forfeiting his dignity is the only way to earn his father's money back. He wanted to do this because he wanted to get the money he lost back, but by doing that they will lose their dignity. Even though Walter does not end up choosing the money, he still did not change his action and thus chooses to be a conformist. “Girl, if you don’t get all them silly ideas out of your head! You better marry yourself a man with some loot” (III.i.150). He continues to argue with Beneatha over money. George Murchison is no better than Karl Linder, they both have the money to win over people less fortunate than them. Negatively, American society has altered Walter’s
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