Essay On Life Cycle Impact Assessment

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Abstract: Introduction: Environmental impacts and issues have attracted researchers over the past few decades. Studies related to the degradation of the environment and the possible improvements have created quite a stir among the environmentalists and the scientists, shifting their focus from inventing new technologies to curbing the environmental impacts caused by them. Increased purchasing power parity (PPP) is closely related to the energy usage and heightened levels of pollution. Constant efforts are made to increase the energy efficiency, lower the negative environmental effects caused due to increase of wealth and the flow of information and global communication. Lighting has been the cause of quite a few environmental impacts. According to the UNEP, 2014 report, lighting contributed to around 15% of global energy consumption, in the year 2010. Life cycle assessment of a product or service is the study of the environmental effects associated with the…show more content…
Various impacts associated with the life cycle of the bulb affect the human health, resources, ecosystem and climate change. As, stated earlier, climate change and effects on ecosystem can be seen over a larger extent of time, while effects on human health and resources can be observed sooner. The potential threats to human health and resource depletion could be as stated below: Carcinogenic effects, ozone layer depletion and photochemical oxidation, and the ecosystem is harmed by terrestrial acidification and eutrophication. Apart from terrestrial ecosystem, aquatic, forest and other ecosystem also face damage. Aquatic ecosystem is affected due to acidification and eutrophication. The resources are depleted due to the mining activity carried out during the resource acquisition stage. Each stage of a product life cycle affects the environment

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