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To begin with George is a true friend to Lennie because of the things he does for him, this is evident within the text when George depicted as advocate of Lennie, and for instance when George was tell9ing Slim about what went on in Weed. ‘...but he never hurt her, he just wanted to touch the red dress’ (pg. 12. Of mice and Men. John Steinbeck. 1993) George explains to slim why Lennie is not a mean person; he tries his best to prevent Lennie from getting into any kind of trouble because he is advocate of Lennie. George prevents Lennie from getting into any kind of trouble this is also evident all over the text for instance when George warns Lennie of the things he should do and stay out of ‘Don’t you even look at that bitch...You leave her be.’ George warns Lennie of things he should stay out of such as Curley’s wife because he tries everything to make it easier for the both of them. He is advocate and he is used to having Lennie around all the time that it’s become a habit for George to help Lennie when he is in trouble. All in all this shows that he is an…show more content…
‘George raised the gun and his hand shook, and he dropped his hand to the ground again’ (pg.105, Of mice and Men. John Steinbeck. 1993) it wasn’t cold blooded murder, he tried to make it as peaceful as possible for Lennie by telling him what their future will be like. He wanted Lennie to have happy thoughts when he dies. ‘I ain’t mad. I never been mad an’ I ain’t now. That’s a thing i want you to know.’ (pg.106, Of mice and Men. John Steinbeck. 1993) Its is evident that there was no choice for George but to do it himself than let any of the other strangers kill Lennie, he knew that there was no chance left for Lennie and it was for the best, because George was able to do it, that shows how deep his friendship goes and how much he cared about Lennie. What extent would you go to help a

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