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Lapile Community I was given the task of reporting on the Pioneer community named Lapile. It was interesting to find out that the southeast corner of Arkansas was at one time known as the dark corner, although no one could say why. The settlers of this corner became interested in voting and the court was petitioned in 1846 and the lines of Johnson and Harrison Townships were changed to give room for the new township. It became known as the Lapile Township, which is a French name that means “the heap or pile.” The community began to be inhabited in 1842 when the Brown family came from South Carolina. They passed through what was known as the Monroe-Ecore Fabre Trail, which is a well known Indian trail. The Browns traveled and found a place to settle and build a home. The early pioneers…show more content…
Billy Rowland decided that there was a need for a place to trade closer than Caryville and Pigeon Hill, so he created floating landing at a near place in the Ouachita river known as Rowland’s Raft. At first it was just a place where boats stopped every once in a while, but later became a landing that was used frequently by steamboats for shipping and receiving in a large area. The interests in the area continued to increase when Wesley and William Lorenza Rowland opened a small store that was used for trading. After the gold rush, the Rowland brothers returned and opened their own store known as the Concord. But it was nearly thirty years later before a post office was opened in Lapile Community, up until this time the closest one was in Marion, Louisiana. More and more people were coming to this part of Arkansas and cotton farming was growing. John V. McHenry came in 1850 and started working his own cotton farm and realized that it was hard work, so he invented a simple horse powered cotton gin. McHenry’s invention made work a little easier for the cotton
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