Essay on Krogstad's Attitudes to Nora

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‘How would you perform the role of Krogstad in Act One in order to reveal his attitudes towards Nora?’ ‘A Doll’s house’ is a three act play by Henrik Ibsen, which tells the story of a woman named Nora and her advances into independence from her husband. The play is set in Norway and is naturalistic. The sub text in this play communicates to the audience how the characters are actually feeling, despite conveying a completely different emotion. Krogstad is a convoluted character in that, as the play progresses, the audience are not quite sure whether he is actually a villain, or just a misunderstood person. His attitude changes when Ms Linde admits her affection for him – the audience realise he becomes softer and slightly unsure of himself. When he says the line “You mean- you came because of me?” he would need to look sheepish, almost childlike- and show a deep contrast to his previous devious and underhanded self. When performing as Krogstad, I would make sure that my costume would reflect his personality, and give the audience a feel of what he may be like. He would most likely wear a suit and winter clothes. To show the audience the changing attitudes of Krogstad, I would first show Nora’s discomfort at having him in her house. Krogstad would enter from back of the stage, whilst Nora is facing the audience, her back facing Krogstad. When Nora first comes to realise Krogstad’s presence, she is uneasy and tense as she asks, “You want to speak to me?”- This reveals to the audience that there is something not quite right about Krogstad. Also, emphasise on his change in tone needs to be sardonic and patronising towards Nora, in order to get what he wants from her, which is to keep
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