Essay On Irony And Allusion In Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown

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Any story, in order to be a story, must have names. This bears no exception in the works of author Nathaniel Hawthorne, from longer, more elaborate stories like The Scarlett Letter, to shorter, to-the-point stories, such as “Young Goodman Brown.” Infinite titles adorn his manuscripts, and it is easy for an audience to read for the very basic meanings, the bare essentials. It is easiest for any reader to read a story in which “Bob” is simply “Bob”; however, the way that his stories should be read is for the symbolism, in every aspect. In his childhood, Nathaniel developed his dislike for his grandfather, a judge in the witch trials. He considered his grandfather a murder, and since then, Hawthorne strove to make his stories revolve around…show more content…
Deacon Gookin is the accomplice with whom Goodman Brown has made his deal, the deal that is viewed by Goodman as a dangerous dealing. However, both irony and allusion occur in this singular label. By observing his manipulative ideas and personality as well as his heavily mentioned staff, – shaped like a snake – he does in fact show many similarities to the Devil himself. The allusion to this biblical creature of all that is loathed in the world is everything against what his title of Deacon gives to him. A deacon, a clergyman who assists the bishop and priests, is supposed to be a person who is all that is good, one who must proclaim oaths of charity. Mr. Gookin is everything but. Goody Cloyse is also a standing figure; she is met along the path while Deacon Gookin is leading Goodman Brown through the woods. When they meet, Goodman recognizes her as his mentor from years ago, the one who taught him his ecclesiastical knowledge; yet Deacon Gookin, also known as the Devil, claims to know her, just as she knows him. Her mysterious factor of disappearing into thin air after they part adds a superstitious view towards her, something that is anything but what her name suggests:
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