Essay On Introversion And Extroversion

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GABREZA, IRISGY P. ENG 27-A The Brain of An Introvert Compared To An Extrovert: Are They Really Different? Introduction Introversion and extroversion had been the most pervasive personality traits according to psychology. In the long run however, the difference between the two had not been clarified and distinguished definitely. Misconceptions that often lead to confusion hovered over the minds of most people. Others would claim that an introverted person is shy, less talkative and is a loner. On the other hand, an extroverted person is highly interactive and is referred to as social beings. Some would also say that introverts are wiser than extroverts because they are sober-sided thinkers compared to extroverts who are unperceptive. This study aims to put clarifications and correct misconceptions about introverts and extroverts and explain how are their brains different from each other. Background on Introversion The term introvert…show more content…
Extroversion is characterized by sociability, talkativeness, assertiveness and excitability (Foley, 2016). People who are high in extroversion tend to seek out social stimulation and opportunities to engage with others. These individuals are often described as being full of life, energy and positivity. Extroverts are often unfairly pegged as overly-talkative or attention-seeking. In reality, they simply gain energy from engaging in social interaction (Cherry, 2016). People who are high in extroversion need social stimulation to feel energized. They gain inspiration and excitement from talking and discussing ideas with other people. Extroverts tend to think as they speak, unlike introverts who are far more likely to think before they speak. Extroverts enjoy social situations and even seek them out since they enjoy being around people. They appear to be more socially adept than introverts (Brainbridge,
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