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What are Injection Moulding Machines? Today world is running at a great pace. Everything is produced at a large scale. Injection Moulding Machines are very important source of production in todays life. These machines are used in every country of the world and is used to produce a large variety of daily use items. An injection moulding machine is also called as an injection press, is a machine used for producing plastic products by the moulding process.It consists of various parts injector pins,die,material,navigation etc. First of all a die is used for making shape of desired and size then raw material is used to produce the thing the the machines use its injection press to inject material into the die and the thing is produced.Injection moulding…show more content…
The computer controls all the actions of the machine based on inner stable information,henceby ensuring consistent output. Micro injection moulding is used to produce small moulds using the injection moulding process. ‘Two-Shot’ injection moulding or dual-shot injection moulding is a method to produce simple to complex parts comprising two different polymers even with two different colours during one machine cycle. The ‘Two-Shot’ mould consists of two separate cavities that are used for making a single part. The first step in the process is to create a substrate in the first cavity, which receives material from one of the two injection units. The tool then opens to allow for a 180° rotation to a secondary position after the finished part is removed from the second stage cavity. As the tool closes, the second step commences by positioning the previously molded substrate into the second cavity. The second cavity receives the material from the second injection unit completing a finished part, this occurs simultaneously as the substrate for another part is being molded. The key benefits of the ‘Two-Shot’ injection moulding are as

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