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A criminal trial process usually starts after the individual has been arrested, or warrant charges have been filed between two to forty eight hours after arrest, the individual then has an informal arraignment. This is when the individual is made aware of his or her charges against them. Take into consideration if the individual has not been read their Miranda rights. At this stage the individual shall then be read those rights. Now if he or she has been mirandized they will again be made aware of their right to a lawyer. Normally, if the charge is not one of Murder then a bail amount should or shall be set forth. Now if a charge being murder is sought, bail can be given, but only at a judge’s discretionary ruling. After the judge’s decision,…show more content…
Normally this part of the process takes no longer than twelve days after the informal arraignment. Now individual will see a district justice, the judge will decide if any further actions are merited. Afterward it is decided things will progress the prosecutors will provide information toward the case insuring all of the charges hold validity. The prosecution will call witnesses and show evidence. Typically the defense will not. If the case is sent to federal court, there will not be any preliminary hearing, and then the individual goes before a grand jury. Typical number on a grand jury is twenty three. Hearings of a grand jury are usually “closed door/private” In many cases; the lawyer representing the individual is not present during this action. However, the defendant may leave the courtroom to confer with his attorney when he feels the need. A formal arraignment usually happens within twenty to thirty days after the aforementioned. At the arraignment the list of charges brought against the individual are recorded from the preliminary trial. At this point the individual can plead each of the individuals charges brought forth in which the norm being the individual proclaims their

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