Essay On Illegal Aliens

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Illegal Aliens; A National Epidemic It's at the detriment of not only the safety of Americans, but also the governmental funding that illegal immigrants exist within our country. Since they do not take the necessary procedures to indoctrinate themselves within our culture and gain citizenship, they enjoy all the benefits while suffering none of the penalties. With the economic freedom and opportunity America presents, Illegal Immigrants, whether intentional or not, steal jobs from legal citizens. This contributes to the fact 25 million less-educated Americans are jobless while seven million Illegal Aliens are not. It is also crucial to note that in so coming to our country by illegal means, they are breaking the law. By doing this, they…show more content…
Coming into the country illegally presents an issue, meanwhile repeated tax evasion of the nearly 21 million immigrants currently presiding in the United States makes for a hazardous dilemma. The Iraq War demands a high need for an increased revenue for the government and with the amount of money it could be receiving from annual taxes, it's a wonder this problem has not been corrected with conviction and zeal. Illegal Immigrants should not be allowed within this country. Currently there is approximately 62 border patrol population per 1,000 sq. miles; this clearly needs to be addressed. Illegal Aliens take jobs from Americans, evade taxes, and pose a serious threat to national security. With the money diverted to reinforce the borders, it could potentially save the United States millions upon millions of dollars, while ensuring the security and protection of the people. Correcting this problem is one step in achieving national defense in absolution and to make this world a better
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