Essay on Hound of the Baskervilles

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Hound of the Baskervilles essay Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are both important and necessary to the story, The Hound of the Baskervilles. Both characters contribute to the development of the novel and the final ending. There are three incidences where either Holmes or Watson was able to solve a problem in the story, which led to and important solution. First the warning letter to Sir Henry Baskerville, then who was crying at Baskerville Hall, and finally the telegram to Barrymore. First, Sir Henry Baskerville got a letter while staying at a hotel in London. Warning him, “If you value your life or your reason, stay away from the moor.”, Sherlock saw the crude letter was of cut newspaper, the only word written besides the address was Moor. He concluded that it was a woman, that it was written in a hurry, in a hotel. He also found out that it was from the Times and the evening half-penny paper. The impact was he was able to know that a woman staying close in a hotel was watching Sir Henry and was therefore set up in the concluding chapters to find it to be Mrs. Stapleton. Second, While staying at Baskerville Hall Dr. Watson and Sir Henry heard crying during the night, They asked Mr. Barrymore, who claimed the only two people in the home were the maid and his wife, He said “There are only two women in the house... One is the scullery-maid, the other, my wife... It could not have come from her.” When they saw her she had red eyes, swollen eyelids and was therefore crying, Mr. Barrymore had been lying. Later it was found that she was crying had been crying about her brother Selden the criminal, who had escaped from prison. This lead up to the discovery and chase of Selden, who was on the run from the cops. Finally, in London Holmes and sent a telegram to Mr. Barrymore to see if he was at the house and not the spy in the cab, When Dr. Watson was with Sir
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