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Essay on History

  • Submitted by: jmanning14
  • on November 13, 2012
  • Category: History
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Chapter 9
Sunday, November 4, 2012 10:16 PM

Lewis & Clark
• • Mandans & other tribes welcomed Louis + Clark Louis + Clark ca e to explore Louisiana Purchase & get Indian allies ⁃ Meant to get to Pacific + expand land ⁃ Also, steal fur trade from the Brits Left Mandans w/ Indian interpreters to help w/ other tribes Came back home & settled in the W
⁃ Led to spread of disease, killing Indian friends

• •

N American Communities, Coast --> Coast
• Former American Colonies
• • Many ppl still stayed in colonies, not moving W.
⁃ Veiwpts local/narrow

As pop grew, ppl immigrated W’ward

• Spanish Colonies
• • • • Sp owned most of N America, but it’s control = weak Tensions Btween Spanish-American & Spanish born
⁃ American born didnt like being lesser

Spanish built missions along land to protect Mexican colony Americans encroaching on Sp land to increase trade
⁃ ⁃ Could trade in MI River B/c Sp had New Orleans, they had control of MI R trade

• Haita/Caribbean

• • •

European Caribbean supplied 80-90% of Euro sugar Euros used African slave labor Haiti’s revolution jolted world
⁃ Caused fear in slave owners, hope in slaves

• Brit N America
• • • Learned from America to watch Canada closely Tried to keep American out Controlled lot o’ trade & had Indian buddies
⁃ Kept Muricans from trading

• Russian America
• • • • • • • Went to Alaska to get furs Kept on spreading in America Americans didn’t care, too focused on taking Brit land Trans-Appalachia: Cincinnati Migration = common feature to Muricans Spread W’ward, making KY & TN states Cincinnati = battleground of settlers & Indians
⁃ Grew in size greatly

• Atlantic Ports • Ports = imp econ & pol. • Charleston, Balitmore, Philly, NYC & Boston = imp cities

Nat Eco
• Nat Econ
• Murica mostly rural farmers
⁃ ⁃ 94% lived in small communities Communities kept old farming traditions of self-sufficiency, not for salce

• •

In the S, relied on slave labor to sell crops int-nat...

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