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Mr. Black English 1102 February 20, 2012 In the short story, Soldier’s Home, Hemmingway’s main character, Harold Krebs, is displayed throughout the story as a dynamic flat character. There are numerous actions and other examples that show how Harold Krebs is a dynamic flat character. Everything about the character, with his emotions and actions, proves that he is clearly a dynamic flat character. One of the main ways that the main character shows himself as a bland and flat character is how he reacts to women. In the passage, the author writes, “He did not want them themselves really. They were too complicated. There was something else. Vaguely he wanted a girl but he did not want to have to work to get her. He would have liked to have a girl but he did not want to…show more content…
Throughout the passages, there are instances where Harold changes his ways and personality. At the beginning of the story, Hemmingway writes how before the war, Harold was a college student in Kansas and was also in a fraternity. Knowing that Krebs was at a Christian college in another state from his hometown and knowing that he was in a fraternity, it is easy to realize that Harold was a very social and outgoing man. When Krebs came back from the war, he was a changed man. Even though he was probably in some state of depression from not receiving a lot of appreciation for being in the war, Krebs was going against his Christian morals by lying all the time to make him seem more important and like someone he was not. Also in the passage, his mother asks him if he loves her, and he responds by saying, “No.” (Hemmingway 191) Seeing his mom crying, he changes his mind and begs his mother to believe that he loves her. Krebs had not wanted to get a job and did not want to make an effort to get a job, but after hurting his mother, when his mother asked him to go get a job, Harold changes his ways and goes and gets a job in Kansas

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