Essay On Han Chinese Bureaucracy

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Although both Han China and Imperial Rome had a centralized imperial government with an administrative bureaucracy, Han China implemented Confucian ideas and teachings into their administration, while Imperial Rome administered mainly with force. Han China and Imperial Rome were both large empires, so to maintain efficient rule over its people, they had a centralized imperial government. To further maintain efficient rule, they imposed an administrative bureaucracy. While both the Roman and the Han Empire had a bureaucracy, the Han’s bureaucracy was far more influential and active in society than that of the Romans. Emperors of both Imperial Rome and Han China gave local leaders the power to rule their distant lands. Emperors of Imperial…show more content…
While both the Chinese and Roman empires conquered other lands, the Romans were more humane towards their conquered subjects. The Romans’ humane behavior towards conquered subjects led to more internal stability and also a lower chance of revolt. Han China conquered the regions of the Korean peninsula and of Vietnam; however, Han China enjoyed uncontested hegemony over these regions. Imperial Rome did not levy taxes on conquered subjects as opposed to Han China. Both empires allowed their citizens to contribute to the empire; however, they did so by different means. Emperor Augustus of Imperial Rome, after declaring himself as emperor, allowed for the senate to exist, therefore giving citizens more opportunities to obtain senatorial and office positions. This might have occurred because Augustus’s government was a monarchy disguised as a republic. All citizens except for foreigners and women could obtain political positions in Imperial Rome. Citizens in Han China could only contribute to the empire by becoming a bureaucrat, however, this positions was very limited and was open only to Confucian Scholars. Only rich aristocratic families could afford the education needed to become a Confucian scholar. This limited involvement led to the Yellow Turban Uprising, which was about the issue of land distribution. The ways in which these empires allowed their
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