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The Gulf of Tonkin is an area of water that was shared peacefully between Vietnam and China for centuries. Within the past 75 years though, many economic, political and legal issues have surfaced causing many issues between the two lands. Problems have been about areas such as: fishing grounds, control of oil, gas, and many other major natural resources, and the boundary of the gulf itself. During Kennedy's presidency from 1962, he sent over 16,000 military advisors to Vietnam to train South Vietnamese army’s how to defend themselves. When Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, his successor Lyndon Johnson became the new president. By 1964, 35% of South Vietnam was in Vietcong hands, communists, and 60,000 communist guerrillas where operating in the South, leading to the US destroyer, Maddox, being sent into the Gulf on Aug 4th, 1964 ,to lure the North Vietnamese into battle, being fired at by North Vietnamese and later Turner Joy. This gave the US congress an excuse to pass the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution that stated, “Congress approves and supports the determination of the President, as Commander in Chief, to take all necessary…show more content…
Allowing President Johnson a free hand to send military supplies, including troops, to Vietnam ,the number of troops increased rapidly, reaching 385,000 in 1966 and 535,000 in 1968, total standing at 2.59 million Americans serving and 400 tons of bombs and ordinance per day in Vietnam from 1964 to 1975. As for the later issue, the president's administration disclosed the attack to the public, but chose not to retaliate. The Tonkin Gulf Resolution came around to control America's foreign relation policies. Concluding, The Gulf of Tonkin incident was a significant event in the fact that it opened the door to one of the most intense yet memorable wars in modern day history. God Bless those who
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