Essay on Group Dynamics, Using Gibb's Reflective Cycle

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An Essay on Group Dynamics This essay will use Gibbs’ (1988) Reflective Model (cited in Jasper, 2003, p.77) to reflect upon one specific aspect of group dynamics, while participating in problem-based learning (PBL), and will identify a particular event which occurred that demonstrates this. A discussion on theories of group dynamics will follow in order to seek possible explanations and gain further understanding of the group’s dynamics and personal team skills in relation to this event. Stage 1: Description of the event The particular aspect of group dynamics to be considered involves the formation of roles within the group and how this affected the group during the final trigger. Any names have been changed to maintain confidentiality. On the day of the final trigger we discovered that Sue our group leader had left the university. We had initially decided not to appoint a group leader; however, after a few weeks Sue had gradually developed a leadership role. She was outgoing, friendly and had helped to diffuse tense situations within the group, and her absence caused the group a great deal of anxiety. I unexpectedly found members of the group turning to me for reassurance and direction. Initially, I was reluctant to take on a leadership role, feeling I was inexperienced; however, it became apparent that other members felt they needed someone to take Sue’s place to complete the assessment effectively. I decided to delegate certain tasks to each member, trying to consider each individual’s strengths and abilities; however, I took a lot of the responsibilities on myself. It was difficult to oversee the rest of the group whilst completing my own tasks. As a result I was unable to manage the time effectively; subsequently we were in danger of not finishing within the time constraints. It was at this point that the group seemed to pull together

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