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MP11 002 Managing paediatric illness and injury Name: Nazia Forid CACHE Centre Number: 363.000 M 1.1 Describe the common types of fractures Greenstick fractureA greenstick fracture occurs to mostly children as their bones are not as strong as adults and will often bend rather than fully break. A greenstick fracture is a bone that is broken or snapped on one side and bent on the other side. A greenstick fracture is treated by bending the bone back to its original position and casted for roughly 6 weeks depending on the seriousness of the bend. A greenstick fracture must be treated by a doctor. Simple fractureA simple fracture is a bone that has been broken in two fragments. A simple fracture consists of three ways in which the bone breaks, which…show more content…
observing the scene and looking out for open drug or chemical containers or smelling the atmospher for Unusual smells or child's breath can identfy if a child or infant has swollowed a poisonous substance. Poisoning of corrosive and non corrosive substances is treated by immediately dialling 999/112 for emergency help.It is important to identify or have an idea of the kind of poisonous substance the individual has been in contact with, also the amount of poison that has been entered in the body and iff possible with evidence eg, empty drug containers at the scene of the event; which helps the ambulance find a quick solution to treat the individual.It is important to be aware of your surroundings and ensure the casualty and yourself are safe whilst carrying out first aid for a casualty. Treatment for corrosive substances on the skin is carried out by washing it away with water. swallowed substances is also treated by rinsing the mouth an drinking frequent sips of water or milk.If an individual becomes unconscious due to poisoning of a corrosive and non corrosive substance, airway must be opened and breathing must be checked and monitered; the casualty must then be put in the recovery position till ambulance arrive.A check for response must be carried out by gently tapping on the shoulder and talking to them (asking if they can hear you). If there is no response the airway must then be opened by placing your right hand on the

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