Essay On Friar Lawrence's Suicide

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Friar Involved In Corruption and Assisted Suicide. Aaron Beggs investigates. In the city of Verona, a simple Friar at the local church was the cause of two, if not more terrible deaths. The deaths of Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet were caused by Friar Lawrence’s inability to abide by citizens law. The Friar is being held responsible for the deaths of Romeo Capulet and Juliet Montague. Was it the Friars fault? Did anyone else accompany Friar Lawrence in completing his deed? There is an on-going case investigating Prince Escalas’s involvement. Is he to blame for any part of the suicides? The charges held against Friar Lawrence are severe and circumstantial evidence actually connects the Friar to the drug dealer Romeo, whom he contacted before his death. The events leading up to the deaths are as confusing and sinister as the deaths themselves. Our sources report Romeo met Juliet at the Capulet Ball and it was from there the relationship flourished and Romeo fell in love with the young and beautiful Juliet. Friar Lawrence’s connection to the Capulet and Montague families proves that he was aware of the ancient grudge and bitterness between the two families, however he still wed the two star-crossed lovers. The grudge is the cause of many street fights throughout Verona and according to…show more content…
Juliet was found the next morning, seemingly dead and taken to her family crypt where she waited for her dear Romeo to come. Romeo, banished from the land, did not receive the Friar’s message. When a friend informed him of Juliet’s death Romeo embarked on a ruthless rant back through Verona to Juliet’s side. Romeo is believed to have stopped at a local drug dealers den and bought a ‘death drug’. The dealer has not been found however substances found at the scene link Friar Lawrence to the product purchased and used by
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