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Football has become the most popular sport in the United States. Millions of people gather to watch it every weekend and its popularity is rising. Football has always been a full-contact sport. Throughout the years, injuries have stayed apart of the game and the league has been engaged in increasing player safety. Many attempts have been made but it is impossible to make this game safe despite rule changes recently added to the rule book, the newfound studies of concussions, and the improvement of equipment. NFL players Mike Mitchell and LaMarr Woodley believes that the nature of football has changed, and that people are more worried about getting hurt because of the aggressiveness. Mitchell perspective on this is that rules are changing the entire purpose of the game. "I signed up to play full speed, contact football. I feel like I gotta ask a guy 'hey are you ready for me to hit you right now?' before I hit you. And that's crazy." (CBS Sports). Mitchell is referring to all the cautions taking to protect players and how that it is pointless. Another similar comment on this came from…show more content…
Bennet Omalu, a neurologist, was the first to discover Chronic Traumatic Encephalophagy (CTE) in former NFL players. In CTE a protein called "Tau" forms clumplike particles that slowly kills brain cells over time. This triggered a spread of tests and studies on the brains of deceased players and CTE was discovered. The families of the deceased all had similar experiences with the symptoms displayed in them which include mood changes, headaches, and memory loss. "CTE is most often found in contact sport athletes and military veterans, likely because these are some of the only roles in modern life that involve purposeful, repetitive hits to the head". (Concussion Foundation) This quote shows how the repeated blows to the head is harmful to the brain therefore a physical game like football will put anyone at

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