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Rough Draft Is Football Becoming Soft? There are so many new rules coming in to the National Football League (NFL) and National College Athlete Association (NCAA) that are changing the way football will be played forever. These rules are taking a lot of the hard hits that people are paying good money to see out of the game. Football is suppose to be a sport of pain, agony and glory. It is understood that there has been a number of head and neck injuries but that is part of the risk one takes when they decide they are going to put that chin strap on. If you’re tough enough to play ball at the college level, then I’m sure no one has forced you to play. Certain hits are costing teams’ big plays or maybe even games, due to the penalties that occur following these hits. These hits are even costing the players big money out of their salaries. These rules are ruining the fun in football. One of the new rules the NFL has enforced this year effects the kickoff. Instead of kicking off at the 30 yard line the kicking team has moved up to the 35. This is designed to not give the players as much field to get up to speed. In effect the hits will not be as hard. This rule also affects the receiving team because…show more content…
This rule basically states that in the result of helmet to helmet contact while making a tackle the defense will receive penalty. This penalty is a personal foul which means three things: 15 yards would be assessed to the offense from the end of the play, the play clock is stopped, and it is an automatic first down. All three of these things can be crucial to the result of the game. The fifteen yards obviously affects the defense by giving up almost a fifth of the field. Then you have a stoppage of clock this can be very important if the game is close and nearing the end of regulation or half time. Last, the offense gets an automatic first down which is always crucial in the game of

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