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Florida Flan Some people identify Florida with Alligators, swamps, and beach bums, but not me! When Florida enters my mind the first thing I could relate to is food: specifically dessert. Dessert is a big part of Florida, and in my own household, the specific dessert dish that my family makes most often is called Flan. My family recipe on how to make Flan has been influenced by, other family members, local residents, and even the hometown Cuban bakery. When prepared correctly my flan will have you jumping out of your seat begging for more. The first step in preparing the dish you will need to gather some ingredients and materials. Some must need materials include: a frying pan, a flattop stove, an oven, several mixing bowls, a measuring cup, a glass plate, oven safe round plate, oven mitts and about 2-3 mixing spoons. After you gather those materials you will need to get the most important part. The ingredients which include: 2 cups of sugar, 5 large eggs, I tablespoon of vanilla…show more content…
Then quickly you will need to flip the finishing flan onto the caramel plate, be sure not to break it or you would have to start the whole process again. If you managed to flip it successfully you would then need to add a slight bit of sure on the top of it to add a bit more flavor. After you have completed all these steps you will ten need to place the whole plate into the fried and let it stay in there overnight. You need to put it into the fried because flan is served cold. You would need to let the flan cool completely so the time varies on how long it takes. But none the less after a time passes your flan will be ready to eat at last. You will need to take the flan from the fried and dived the pieces evenly to ensure everyone around gets a piece. This recipe is able to serve 7 dessert craving adults, be sure to let your guest know that they have never tasted anything like this before, Flan is

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