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Esperanza Rising is a book about a young weathly girl, named Esperanza, who’s family needs to flee to the U.S. after the loss of her father and her home. Her and her family need to go work in the fields in California. Pam Munoz Ryan is the author and she shows Esperanza throughout the rest of the story as a girl who is losing everything; her father, her home, and her life. During the story, Esperanza becomes troubled with the work she has to do around the house while her mother and her uncles have to do. After her friend Isabel leaves everyday for school, she has a hard time working with taking care of her little brother and sister without her. She has a lot of trouble at the first time, after having an occurrent with them, after giving them raw plums, in which made them sick. Since she has no one there with her, she has to take care of it herself. Since she didn’t know how to clean diapers or do much around the house, she asks for Isabel’s help with everything. Once she learns how,she takes care of the babies herself, but with still some trouble. This is how the author shows ManVsMan with Esperanza. During her baby sitting, the second day, a dust storm occurs and she has no one to help her. She has to keep the babies down…show more content…
Since she never knew how to cook, clean or dress herself, she has to get help by Horestia to show her how. After she learns how, she needs to do it by herself, the same as when she learns to cook, work and clean everything else. Since the rest of her family work all the time, she is the one that needs to do everything. The money she earns, she converts into money order, to send her grandmother to the group so her mother will get better. She has to do this all on her own, every day. Esperanza learned how to work on her own, and how to take care of the babies on her own. That's how the author shows Man Vs

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