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Education Persuasive Essay As a student, I am consequently a product of the American educational system. Through this I have a first-hand look at the functionality of said school system. In my personal experience, the educational system here in America is riddled with issues that prevent it from maintaining effectiveness and practicality. A glaringly obvious concern with the school system is the lack of individualization. Throughout my upper level education, I have noticed a theme in how the curriculum is organized. This is the separation of harder, time consuming classes, and their easier alternatives. This overwhelmingly influences the categorization of students. An example of this being the “honor students” in comparison to the “average students.” These are the only two classifications, from the point of view of the other students and in some cases, the teachers. Ralph Waldo Emerson spoke wisely when he advocated individualism in the classroom. As a student, I take higher-level classes in subjects such as math and science not because I am especially skillful in these areas but because the alternative classes are not taken as seriously. This is even more disturbing considering the fact that I have the luxury of a private education; where I am already guaranteed an extra cushioning to the system due to the fact that the teachers are more so invested in their students. But surely broad ranges of classes enable the student to explore every subject? Yes, until that child reaches high school. The pressure to succeed in every subject remains unrealistic and unnecessary. It is no wonder over one million students drop out of high school each year. This lack of individualization causes students to become disinterested, discouraged, and unmotivated. If a high school student excels in language and writing but falters with chemistry, which will

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