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Different Ways "There is no best teaching method in the world". Dr. Yamini said. He is one of my teachers in Zand IHE. I have "teaching methods" course with him in this semester. What I learned from Dr. Yamini is that each method and approach have exclusive specifications. And none of them are complete. I will give you an example to make it tangible for you. Zand IHE teachers can be divided into three groups by their methods. The first are those teachers that their classes are passive. The teacher is the ruler of the class. He/She says students what should do or not. There is lack of communication between students in their classes. Learning process is one-way just from the teacher to the students. The teacher comes to the class, get his/her skates on and does his/her job immediately. It is so boring for students. For example Mr. del-khaah is one of them. The second, they involve students in class, but not with each other. They just ask some questions from students. They will be rewarded, if the answer be correct. If it be wrong they will be punished. Students in their classes seem like machines, animals, robots. They should know everything and come to the class. Their feeling, emotions, wishes are not considered at all. Mr. pasri is an example for these active but not efficiently classes. The third, teachers in this group uses really active methods in their classes. Mrs. Manoochehri is one of them. She uses cooperative learning methods in her teaching. She makes groups of students in order to work together. Students in her classes should be cognitive, good guesser, active, and responsible for each other. In her class student's feeling, emotion, wishes are important. Interactions are between teacher-students, students-students, student-student. Mrs. Manoochehri explains everything fully. She teaches her students how to learn their lessons by asking witty questions

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