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The Dutch in America The Dutch, while not significant in numbers across the globe, have had considerable influence in today's society. The Hudson River, named after Englishman Henry Hudson, was actually claimed under Dutch control. Even though he was English, Henry Hudson was a ship captain under the Dutch flag. Many settlements along the Hudson River, subsequently, are of Dutch origin. In the Caribbean Sea, the island of Saint Eustace was under Dutch control during the American Revolution and actually supplied the United States with large amounts of weapons, and could possibly be one of the deciding factors in the war. As these examples show, the Dutch have been very influential in US history. The Dutch started landing in the New World much like the other European countries – they were trying to find a route across the Atlantic Ocean to India for trade. As such, the first Dutch to land were not looking for new settlements, but the abundance of game and resources was a surprising find. That…show more content…
From colonizing settlements to choosing a side in a war they didn't have to be involved in, the Dutch have had a major influence on the US today. While I have no strong feelings for or against my Dutch background, I can walk away from this research with more knowledge about how the Dutch made it to America and the influence they had on today's culture. References Fabend, Firth Haring. "Dutch.(D)." Encyclopedia of New York State. Syracuse University Press, 2005. 476(3). General OneFile. Gale. Apollo Library-Univ of Phoenix. 6 Sept. 2009 Wabeke, Bertus H (1944). Dutch Emigration to North America. New York City, New York: Netherlands Information Bureau. WorldLingo Translations LLC. (2009). Dutch (ethnic group). Retrieved September 6, 2009, from

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