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Is The Dream Act a Good or Bad Thing? 2.8 million students graduate from high school each year in this country and move on to attain a higher education or simply start making their own livings. Not many people know however, that 60,000 of these student lack the legal documentation needed in order to succeed in this country. The DREAM act is a proposed legislation to allow illegal alien students enrolled in a higher education institute or in the military to receive legal documentation to become US residents. It has yet to pass to this day. There is a lot of media coverage out presently which portrays the perspective of both sides of the bill. Explained below are both sides of the argument and its outcomes if this Bill were to pass. First, I'd like to go over some of the positive outcomes the passing of the DREAM Act would cause. Of course, immigrant students who were raised in the United States would escape from the dead end, low paying jobs a lot of undocumented people get stuck with. For example, there's a Houston news article which states that many immigrant students are brought…show more content…
The passing of the Dream Act would bring both very good but also maybe very bad things as well. Personally, I would have to be in favor of the DREAM Act. Not only because I have a lot of cousins who would benefit from the passing of the bill, but because I feel as if every student who works hard in school should have the right to be rewarded financially after gaining their degrees. It makes no sense to have let an illegal immigrant student graduate form a University only to be held back from working in their designated field because of their legal status. The Act has a good principle, I think senate/government just needs to be able to back up all of their ever changing revisions of the act. Once they try to bring up the act again, hopefully it will come off stronger and a lot more people will be in favor of
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